Why do we live in a community?

Why do we live in a community? by Jutta Weiske

“Life is so easy on your own, no one to argue with, we can do what we want and organize our lives just as we want too. Sounds familiar? Sounds amazing?

On the first look, all of this sounds so inviting, but as we all know, this kind of life has its limits. Yes, we can see friends, go out entertain ourselves in many different ways, but do we really experience deep and committed relationships? Are we deeply satisfied with being on our own or with one partner?
I have found myself while experiencing community as well as in different times plain family life with my husband and son and also times in which I lived alone on a constant and more or less subtle search for something more meaningful.

Here I am , founder and part of an intentional community, part of the Awakened Life Project, very happy and deeply satisfied. I made a commitment to give myself to relationship, no matter what. I made a commitment for not seeing problems, but opportunities to grow and found beautiful people which made the same commitment. While we are on this journey together, we all start to develop new “muscles” of courage to speak what has to be said and to be interested to listen beyond our own projection . We found, by training this new form of communication more and more together. We found, in a group we are able to manifest our dreams must faster, as long we are willing to integrate everyone opposed to compete and having the need to be right. We see that miracles can happen on all levels, when we are trusting in the guidance of something which is not our personal will, but a collective knowledge.

It is beautiful to be on a journey like this together. I feel that in a community I am able to evolve so much more than alone or with one partner, because I get in touch with a love which moves through me, which is not bound on what I expect to get back. I can connect and am able to share so many different parts of my being, as we represent as a bigger body so much diversity.

Writing all of this, I am aware that the mere fact of living together does not guarantee all these beautiful outcomes.
As earlier said, we are a group of people with a deep commitment to go beyond the little “me”, we are committed to meditate regular and face each other opposed to avoiding. Through this commitment we found a deep trust. This blog wants to open the possibility to ask questions and go deeper in all of the suggested subjects.

Please dear reader, leave comments, ask questions and start to engage with us, so we make it into your blog as well and start to create an even bigger community.
Much love, Jutta”

Jutta Weiske, Founder of Avidanja

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