Rui Santos


I can say i was guided by angels to meet this project. I was lucky enough that the psychologist i had when i was twenty years old, told me about Avidanja. She suggested me to visit Avidanja as she felt i would have many of my questions answered there. At that time i checked the website, i felt interested but i didn follow my heart impulse until 8 years after, when i realized that Avidanja was still in my mind and heart and i had to discover by myself why i was being called to visit this project. So i went in a trip with my girlfriend through Portugal to meet Jutta, the founder of Avidanja. A simple conversation, a cup of tea and a slice of cake changed my life as i found the simple questions i was looking for, as predicted by my psychologist! Jutta made it clear in a simple way, that my vision for life was possible and that i should follow my heart to make it real. She gave some advice on how to follow what i was feeling was the right thing to do. Three months later, me and my girlfriend decided to volunteer in Avidanja and we ended up living there. The time i spent there made me realize my inherent happiness and freedom, i learned that happiness is a simple matter but not an easy one. We learned to live together facing the creative friction of the challenges brought to all of us by living in community. I grew up a lot through the consistent dedication jutta demonstrated, always present to support us the best she can. She is a strong powerful woman that shines the light in people’s hearts. I will be forever grateful for everything i learned with her and i wish many of you have the possibility to spent some precious time with her as i did. 



Avidanja is a place full of surprises. Its like a gift you might have had a slight glimpse how it looks like and as you unwrap it these glimpses accumulate and start to radiate. Jutta and Liva as well as all the other people I met there are enormously loving and caring to an extend which I never experienced before. I got in touch that Love does not necessary mean that I feel good all the time but rather having a free relationship to my experience, thoughts and emotions so I can embrace my Happiness.There are so many more lessons to learn in this supportive environment on a personal and/or cummunal level. I want to highly recommend a stay in Avidanja to everyone who is interested and willing in giving oneself totally to unwrap ones gift. All you need is dedication and the willingness to peel layer by layer. Enjoy!



“I came to Avidanja after  meeting Jutta in India where I started my journey of finding my “home”. I first came as a volunteer and very soon it became clear to me that I want stay. What I thought at first was that I have found my physical home, but I got to discover that what led me here was my longing to be free, to experience life in its fullest and recognize who I really am, if I am neither my thoughts, nor my body. It’s such a joy to be here and give myself to make this project grow through my authentic expression which comes from commitment to truth. In the presence and guidance of Jutta – my friend, my spiritual sister and my teacher, I am here since two years now and I can say it has been the best years of my life. Growing, following my heart and realizing all my dreams, and just simply being happy. Its a place to come with openness and willingness to go deeper and discover life without limitations!”



” The first time I step into Avidanja, I was blown away by the beauty of the place, and the love that Jutta received me in her home was immediate warmth in my heart. We ended up having a lovely tea and cake and talked through the afternoon, a simple talk that profoundly impacted me. Looking back, I can see how that was just the beginning of beautiful natural guidance that is one of Jutta’s gifts. I knew then that it was a special place, so I decided to live there just after some weeks.
I shared this home with Jutta and Liva, and it was a magical journey with these two amazing women. With them, I learn what it means to be real and together, beyond all women’s conditions. We support each other and had a lot of fun together. We went through ups and downs, but we always stayed together in love.
I recommend this magical home for anyone who wants to find out what it truly means to be happy and share that with others.
I lived in Avidanja for one year and a half, and it changed my life.”

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