Summer schedule

Avidanja is open to receive guests to spend holidays in our little paradise during the summer months.

Meditation practice is a part of our daily life, so all guests are welcome to join meditation every morning 7:30-8:30

You can rent one of our rooms or stay in a tent in our garden.

We offer events during this time which are optional to participate.

We welcome people to be closer to us and get to know how we live.

All events are open for anybody to come and join!

To participate contact

Our events are based on suggested donations

Lunch & Dinner

We offer healthy vegetarian lunch and dinner.

If you are interested in coming alone or with a group of friends please book your meal in advance, by contacting us.


We offer every Wednesday and Sunday 1h30min Yoga for beginners.

Suggested donation : 5.-


Sunday after Yoga class we will have a delicious brunch which includes Crêpe with delicious homemade topping, musli, fruit, spice chocolate plum smoothie, homemade coconut milk, sage butter, cheese, creative finger food, omelette with veggies and some garden herbs, homemade whole wheat and gluten free bread, sage butter, coffee


Open air dance evening

We offer nearly every weekend – please see calendar above – a dance evening with music, dinner, snacks and drinks à la carte. If you want to have dinner, let us know in advance!

Suggested donation : minimum consumption 15.-

Movie night

We offer three Friday movie nights with a discussion afterwards.

Suggested donation : ordering dinner 10.-

Ritual trance dance

Come to a journey beyond the mind !

Suggested donation : minimums consumption 15.-

Food prep class with Jutta 3 hours

You will learn how to prepare vegetable milks, sprouts, sauerkraut (Choucroute) and vegan raw ice cream. Everything sugar, gluten and dairy free. You will get an understanding why to use these items and will have the possibility to ask questions about healthy lifestyle.

Suggested donation : 15.-

All day cooking class with Jutta&Liva

In this class you will learn how to prepare : Nut and seed milks, Vegan sugar free delicious ice cream, Sprouts, Sauerkraut, Tortillas, Burgers, Herb pesto, Veggie noodles, Salade sauces, vegetable curry, tips for making soup and How to use leftovers in a creative way

40,- per person for workshop

+ 20,- breakfast, lunch, dinner

Herb walk with Jutta

You will get to know our rich herb garden. Jutta will share her knowledge how to integrate herbs in your daily life.

Suggested donation : Consuming some of our lovely food or drinks

Massage class with Liva 3 hours

In this class you will learn different simple massage movements, that you can easily use for giving a massage to your friend or partner. And you will learn how to make simple massage oil mixtures.

Suggested donation : 15.-

Bamboo workshop with Liva (3 hours)

Wanna get in touch with bamboo ?

Harvesting, cleaning it and making a simple beautiful item to take at home.

Suggested donation : 15.-

If you would like to participate or come some days for holidays please contact :