Liva Reidzane, the co-creator of Avidanja, has created a shop where you can buy products she makes. She works with wood and creates interior design pieces that can vary in size and in style, but mainly stays rustic and organic, using homegrown or locally purchased material. She creates each piece according to what is available. She puts all her love and passion in what she does and wants to share it with others to bring more nature and organic shapes in our homes. You can follow her on instagram here!

Why would you choose to buy from these products?

It makes a difference to buy from small businesses and to contribute our money to people which sell and make things with Love. To support a local and communal economy. They are unique pieces that can bring more nature in your home.

What’s the story?

Before coming to Portugal Liva lived in Paris where she was studying arts plastiques, she already then felt drawn to woodworking but never really went for it. So when she came to live in Avidanja, she pursued her dream and started to experiment with wood and learn from others how to use machines, how to work with the wood, how to treat it and finish it. She gradually became very passionate about it and has followed the impulse to sell what she makes, to receive orders, to participate in markets and just create and share it with others.