Ritual Trance Dance

Jutta Weiske

Ritual Trance Dance Facilitator and founder of Avidanja

“Accomplishing the Ritual Trance Dance Training was one of those things we choose to do in our lives without really understanding why. I was so drawn to it, without any logical reasons, that I just had to do it.”

Having done the training, I now understand much better why I was drawn to it. Ritual Trance Dance is very much in line with the context we are living at Avidanja. It has so much depth, and sincerity, and is a very powerful tool for the evolution of consciousness.

What did happen to me? I feel that I was so shaken up that I started to lose the linearity in my life. By linearity, I mean the structure, how I organize my life, how I believe things have to be done, how I control that things happen in a way I can deal with them and also how I control my surroundings. During the training I felt challenged in such a way that I had only two choices: to run away or completely surrender.  Because I have been on a dedicated spiritual path for a long time, I knew surrender was the only choice, because the spiritual path points to surrender and nothing else. I found that I didn’t need to surrender to anyone or need to specifically trust the teacher, but that surrender points to a willingness to let go of control and the little “I”; that surrender is towards the trust I find only in myself. It is about becoming one with the stream of life itself, because the structured self is not in the way anymore. It’s like reaching the source, being strong and rooted like a tree and free like a bird. No fear.

Without my dedication to meditation, the continuous training to see though the human conditioning , the daily practice at Avidanja of facing egoic movements and being truthful, I would not have been able to go so deep.  Evolution of consciousness has emerged. Structures broke, I don’t feel orientated in the same way as before, and am very open to what life offers. I am willing to respond in a genuine way, without needing to know the outcome. I understand that what we do on a material level is less important than I ever thought. Furthermore, I can perceive the world with all my senses and my sense of responsibility increases because connections become even more real.

I understand that structures, conditioning, everything which holds us back from true happiness is also written in the body. In every cell. With continues practice, Ritual Trance Dance is able to reach these blockages and so it causes deep healing, rejuvenation and transformation.
Before participating in the training, I was already very happy, knowing that I do not need to identify with all the ideas which want to make me unhappy. I had evolved a strong connection to my true self. Now I have gained a new experience which led me deeper, which let me reach other aspects of my being, and I feel richer and wiser. I am very happy.
I am looking forward to sharing this with you on different occasions, like Retreats or weekends.

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