New Year Retreat 2021

This Retreat is limited to 13 people

Value: from 680.-

The end of the year is a powerful time to take time to stop, reflect and recommit to Life and Spirit. It is a time to release the old and embrace the new while resting deeply in the present. This retreat will be an opportunity to relax deeply, restore and regenerate mind and body so that you can enter the new year with a new and liberated perspective.

For hundreds of years Yoga has been used as a mental and physical preparation for meditation and will be used as such in this retreat. Jutta will offer a gentle Vinyasa Yoga flow for beginners in the morning, which will make your body softer and stronger and ready to sit still in meditation. In the evening, she will take you into a very simple Yin Yoga journey to prepare for the last meditation and a night of deep, restorative sleep. Yin Yoga offers comfortable positions in which we relax deeply as we hold them for 5 to 10 minutes. Yin Yoga is a very rewarding practice, especially for anyone who finds it difficult to relax fully and meditate. It opens the body pleasantly and goes as deep as a massage. In seven days both kinds of yoga practice will change your body in a joyful way.

Meditation is simply resting in that which is always true – Freedom Here and Now. Meditation is a devotional practice which brings us face to face with ourselves as we recognize the peace and stillness we think is inside of us actually is us. Meditation relaxes the body and mind, bringing more peace and ease to our being. But more importantly in sitting still and doing nothing to change our experience we find we are able to see through, and eventually transcend, many of the unhelpful habits and patterns from our daily lives meaning that real transformation can occur. When we surrender to That Which Is we come to recognize the most profound Truth that we are not separate from anything or anyone. We are, in fact, That Which Is. Meditating in a group is a powerful practice, and there will be guidance and instruction every day, making the retreat suitable even if you have never meditated before.

For the New Years Eve night, we will prepare a Ritual Trance Dance for you, in which, like meditation, you will go beyond your mind and meet Yourself. We will then have a meaningful ceremony to release whatever no longer serves you and to commit to your intentions for the coming year.

You can also book an Ayurvedic massage (for €40.-/h) with Liva Reidzane to make this retreat even more regenerative and unforgettable.

Please reserve your place as soon as possible, as this will be an intimate retreat with numbers restricted to 13 participants.

We are looking very much forward to receiving you here at Avidanja, which is a beautiful, cozy and creative place with the tradition of hosting New Year Retreats of the Awakened Life Project. We specialise in serving detoxifying, healthy, light and mainly organic food which will support your transformation and delight your senses. 

Laura’s Bio

Laura has always felt a thirst for Truth and how to live it. This has guided her through many paths; politics, ecology, activism, permaculture and finally 16 years ago, through the fire of addiction, she came to spirituality and meditation. After seeking many traditions and practices her heart led her to the Awakened Life Project in Central Portugal where she found what she had been looking for; a path that calls us to embody the truth of Freedom Here and Now while at the same time embracing the challenge and ecstasy of being fully human. Laura has lived and served at Quinta da Mizarela the ashram of ALP for 12 years, loving the challenge and intimacy of community life. She is the Senior Student at ALP and regularly leads groups and workshops. She has also led meditation retreats over the years. She is indebted to her beloved teacher Cynthia Lea Rose for her incredible wisdom, guidance and teaching. Laura loves the practice and discipline of daily meditation not only for the benefits it brings to the entire being but because, put simply, it is a devotional practice to sit with and as God.
You can read more about Laura here.

Jutta’s Bio

Jutta has an innate talent for natural holistic health. Her interest first came alive when she cured herself from Hepatitis whilst travelling India, and more recently while regenerating herself from an autoimmune disease. Her experience showed her that seeing the body, mind and spirit as one is the bases for Holistic health. She believes the embodiment of Life Energy that emanates everything, our individual bodies and nature, is where we can influence our physical health by applying the laws observable in nature…..These laws we see all around us are about natural interrelated and interconnectedness and this she sees in a reflection of herself. Throughout her life, Jutta has used the spiritual practices she discovered during her travels in India 40 years ago, meditation, Vedanta teachings and yoga. She has a profound passion for Vinyasa flow yoga and Ritual Trance Dance, both practices she knows to heal, rejuvenate and calm. Along with these practices, her passion and love for natural healthcare, culminated in her being the founder of Avidanja. Avidanja is a small Retreat Center, community and ‘sister’ project to the Awakened Life Project, where from the   beginning Avidanja’s dedicated to hosting Meditation, Yoga and Detox retreats, where Jutta teaches (and demonstrates) how to live a simpler, cleaner, healthier, and happier life. 

If you’d like to know more about her view on health, please have a look here

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