Massage can be a deeply healing and spiritual journey.

Relaxing Ayurvedic Massage

The massage that Liva offers is not only very relaxing, but also a full body experience of gentle and deep pressure, stretch of tense areas, stress relieving fragrance, warm eye compress and a short sound bath, that can allow you to sink into a deep meditative state and fully relax and release. Liva uses heated organic sesame oil and organic essential oils during the session. It also includes a belly massage that improves digestion and release of blocked emotions, pressure points that improve blood circulation and provoke release of tension not only physically but also mentally.

Marma points

The stimulating aspect of the massage comes from pressuring Marma points which are energy points in the body. Marma points are doorways to the nervous system and related mental faculties. There is a dynamic interplay between the mind and the energy points. Pressure and manipulation of these points help to heal both physically and mentally, relieves stress, calms the mind, releases stagnant, unexpressed emotions.

Sound Bath and warm eye compress

The session finishes with a short intuitive sound bath while receiving a warm eye compress. It allows to make a closure of the session and to integrate the massage, the sound of Tibetian singing bowl relaxes all the nervous system and the hot towel with aroma oils eases tension and makes a soft steam for the skin.

Lymphatic Drainage massage

Liva also offers Lymphatic drainage massage which is a very powerful immunity booster and support for the lymphatic system and immunitary system which has then a big impact on the digestive system, respiratory system and nervous system. This massage speeds up the lymph flow by 20% which helps to detoxify, bring waste from the blood and to reduce swelling, inflammation, infection and helps with fatigue and insomnia. This therapeutic massage is great for people who are in detox, which is why we include this massage during our detox retreats.

My journey into becoming a massage therapist started with a travel to India with my mother who had become a massage therapist herself recently before going to India. I decided to leave Paris for a couple of months to spend with my mother in India, I was at a point of being sick of my fast pace, stressful and unhealthy life. It came by a surprise that I met someone who spoke to me about an Ayurvedic massage course done by a Vedic teacher nearby where I was staying. I decided to take this course and looking back now I realize that this decision changed the course of my life. After finishing the training, my teacher Ajay proposed me to stay, practice massage and eventually work for him. I decided to go for it, to leave my life in Paris and stay there for some time. I fell in love with massage, I found myself completely immersed in the process while massaging, fully present, alert and at the same time quite, soft and strong. What I found at that time and still to this day, I often finish the massage feeling like I have just received one myself. People say thank you and how amazing that was and I just want to reply the same back. This magic only occurs when the client is willing to receive and vice versa, this sensation made me find a true passion for massage. After deciding to stay, and spending 5 months with Ajay and other students, practising and learning massage, I had gained a totally new perspective on my life, which was that I didnt know what it was about and where it was leading me. I was willing to let go of all my ideas of becoming Paris based artist. I was craving to find a new path. More meaningful and happy. I ended up in Avidanja, a project led by Jutta who I met during my stay in India. And I instantly felt a sense of home. Living here and growing here made me naturally continue my exploration in massage. I am learning with every massage, how to touch, how to heal, and how to be with every – body I receive on my table. Being a massage therapist gives me such a satisfaction, joy, and fullfilment of seeing another person release their tensions, blocked emotions, relax deeply and reconnect to their bodies.” – Liva Reidzane

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