Liva is a massage therapist of Avidanja and she offers massage for retreats and on appointment. She studied Ayurveda, Yoga, Veda and Marma Massage at Gurukul Centre Patnem in India and after receiving her licence in 2019 she has worked for different retreats in India and Portugal, offering massage. Liva is very passionate about massage and what moves her to always improve and evolve in her knowledge is the possibility to give a space for people where they can fully let go, trust and experience a deeply relaxing, rejuvenating and healing session.

Not just a Relaxing Ayurvedic Massage

The massage that Liva offers is not only very relaxing, but also a full body experience of gentle but strong touch, stretch of tense areas, stress relieving fragrance, warm eye compress and a short sound bath, that can allow you to sink into a deep meditative state and fully relax. It also includes a belly massage that improves digestion, pressure points that improve blood circulation and provoke release of tension not only physically but also mentally.

Marma points

This massage is also stimulating and uplifting. The stimulating aspect comes by pressuring Marma points which are energy points in the body and when pressed help to heal physically and mentally. During the 1h30 session many of them are worked on.

Sound Massage

The session finishes with a short intuitive sound bath while receiving a warm eye compress. It allows to make a closure of the session and to integrate the massage, the sound of Tibetian singing bowl relaxes all the nervous system and the hot towel with aroma oils eases tension and makes a soft steam for the skin.

1H session is a relaxing, general whole body massage with some Marma points, sound massage

1H30 session includes more Marma points, more stretch, release of tension in painful areas of the body, sound massage

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