Life is a Celebration

Life is a Celebration

“We spent the weekend with our spiritual family from the Awakened Life Project at the Quinta da Mizarela and we are still blown away by the 2 days of immersion in bliss and deep Happiness.

Words cannot describe the richness and perfection of our annual celebration this year.

Everyone from the sangha poured their heart into this event and we were bombarded by one spectacular performance after another and an abundance of creativity in the form of decoration, food and the crafts market.

Out of an idea to make a performance that would portray our lives in Avidanja, the Avidanja musical was born. It was created spontaneously in the course of one week with a lot of fun. We are still in awe of how effortlessly every piece came together and the way we flowed together in the process.

As a sangha, we came together to celebrate another transformative year with very powerful retreats for both women and men.

Floating in a timeless zone, being together, diving into intimate conversations.

Making new relationships, strengthening old ones – there’s a relaxation and an ease of being, we are Home.

And of course taking a lot of dips in the fresh, cool water of the waterfalls!

Laughter. Joy. Beauty. Peace. Simplicity.

Making the extraordinary ordinary, living together a life without limitations and witnessing the Power of Creation taking over every single one of us. It is truly a blessing to be alive and sharing this beautiful journey with each other.

And it is only possible, because we are constantly saying YES to life. We are not holding back, making ourselves available for all that wants to happen. The road is bumpy, mistakes are inevitable, but we see them as gifts that have the potential to liberate us. We are here to support each other, fueling the fire that burns inside of us with more passion. The explosion of ecstasy during the celebration is the result of us answering the call over and over again in our daily lives.

As we are all committed to a life of non-separation, love and Freedom, it just gets better and better!

How would your life look like if you were not holding back?

A big thank you to our teachers Cynthia & Pete and all my sisters and brothers!

-Nina, Resident of Avidanja

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