What does it mean to be in real relationship?

And how do you live it?

We are a small international community which is part of a bigger international community – Awakened Life Project – where we explore how to live together in real relationship. In order to do so we engage in spiritual practices like meditation, yoga, studying and discussing texts from spiritual teachers. These practices give us a ground of being more available and present which then also informs our relationships in a positive way. As we live the teaching of Non-Duality we perceive more and more that we are not separate from the other or nature and everything that surrounds us. This also has a big impact on the way we live together: it leads us to be more compassionate and loving with each other and ourselves, and also gives us trust to be completely vulnerable and authentic.
We work together in our garden, learning how to interact and take care of the nature surrounding us. We are open to the public by receiving guests and holding events like retreats, workshops, yoga classes, brunches, dance events, spiritual meetings and more. With this events we not only show others our way of living together, but also give people the opportunity to experience it. We are a mix of people with different cultural backgrounds and also our visitors are coming from all around the world. Therefore we have many cross-cultural interactions and inspiring conversations. We also engage with locals from the area, with whom we learn more about the Portuguese culture.

We offer internships for people who are interested in exploring human relationships
and community life as well as connecting to nature.

Working with us includes :

  • Taking care and learning about permaculture gardening
  • Building and maintenance
  • Serving for retreats and events
  • Being part of communal life including cooking, cleaning
  • Learning about spiritual practice, like meditation, yoga
    and contemplating non-duality teachings
  • finding your own creativity and then starting to create

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