Health Journey

“My interest and passion for health came to life through a groundbreaking experience. I became sick while travelling in India and was concerned at ingesting heavy conventional medicines. I was offered an alternative treatment simply by using diet and food. A miracle happened. After just 10 days my health regenerated and I started my journey to wholeness and continued health. Since starting my journey, I’ve witnessed a lot of miracles using food with friends and am passionate to share this with more people.

I understand, after looking for many years at health from different angles, that we are born to live a life of health and happiness. No matter how our bodies manifest, it’s our birthright to be happy, at ease and deeply relaxed. However, it seems we do not accept or love ourselves as we are, and yet, accepting and loving ourselves is the exact condition we need for being healthy, strong, regenerative and able to evolve towards even better health.

During the years I’ve learned it’s essential to cultivate a healthy relationship towards body, mind and heart to reach longterm health. The body is the medium in which we express ourselves and as such should be treated as our temple. It’s through the body we experience joy, wellbeing, energy, creativity and love, which we’re able to share with others. The mind can be a fantastic tool to support our spiritual development by understanding and setting a strong intention, or it can be used to sabotage any attempt to become an expression of our true potential, the choice is ours. The spiritual heart is the seat of love and yearns for space. We’re so used to rushing and running for material security that we tend to forget to cultivate the qualities of the heart. I think it’s imperative to nurture such qualities of love, compassion, trust, and reconnecting with our bodies is most important for reaching our optimum health.

A way to reconnect to your body is by getting in touch with nature. Our little project, Avidanja, still has a lot of contact with nature, even though we’re situated in the middle of cultured land. We have a beautiful gardens where wild and cultivated herbs grow side by side that enrich our smoothies, juices, salads, soups and vegetable dishes. You can get to know some of the most popular and simple to recognize herbs here.

Many people experience allergies, poor functioning intestines, auto immune diseases and more. Gluten and dairy products are known to be the cause of some of these symptoms. By excluding them from your diet you may find it makes a difference. Here are some simple gluten and dairy free recipes for your journey towards a better health .

To facilitate focusing the mind and getting in touch with your heart meditation can be the perfect tool. It gives us the possibility to observe the movements of the mind and to get in touch with the silence, the inner peace that is always there, but not heard in today’s fast paced life. Silence and stillness is needed to recognize the spiritual heart and to hear the inner voice of intuition which knows the way. We include Yoga, as well as Meditation, in our Detox & Clean Retreats, as well as in our daily life. We also offer Meditation Retreats guided by Cynthia and Peter Bampton the co-founders of The Awakened Life Project. Peter Bampton is the author of the highly recommended book, “Fire of the Heart”.
You can see all the events related to Meditation here.

Last but not least, I’ve learnt throughout my life, that human relationships are the key to happiness and health. Communicating in a constructive way, by listening and being interested in the greatest potential in the other, is the most powerful skill a human being can posses. It opens the door to intimacy and love.

If you are interested in exploring these topics come visit us at Avidanja, and feel what it means to be simply human.” – Jutta, Founder of Avidanja, Detox Retreat guide and Yoga teacher

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