Detoxification, Meditation and Yoga

Retreat is limited to 5-7 people

Value: from 510.-

The aim of this retreat will be to reset your body, your mind and your spirit. In achieving this, you will develop the understanding that a healthy body and a happy life is everybody’s´ birthright.

Spiritual practice, and learning to live within a spiritual context in your daily life, is at the heart of this retreat, and it will inform and drive this deep transformation within each person. You will come to realize that everything you need is already in you, and that you only need to remember.

We provide during the day three optional hours of meditation and plenty of silence. This creates the space in which we can find out who we really are. We will have several moments of profound reflection on spirituality .Through these reflections and the meditation practise, we can all develop an understanding in how to participate actively in creating a new culture. Both inwards and outwards.

We have created an atmosphere in which it is easy to relax and be yourself, You will be able to have naturally deep interactions with other participants.

You can experience during this retreat your longing for union, happiness and fulfilment, and how to put it into practise.

We will not use specific tools for this, because we need only to uncover what we already have and being in an ambience which let us be who we really are. This makes it very easy to remain without solid food, because we become very sensitive to new qualities entering in our life. Since the dawn of humanity, these cleansing processes have developed as part of spiritual practise.

Supporting the simplicity of health and happiness , we want to share our alternative lifestyle, which shows that when we live with basics, actually we have much more. The whole retreat is based on simplicity and methods you can apply at home alone or with your friends.

To support the deepening of the spiritual experience, we also invite you to put aside your mobile phone and computer.

Beside the spiritual aspect of this retreat, its also interesting to understand the more physical part.

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Prices per person:

We offer different prices

Our rooms are all very cozy and different :

  • Dormitory (two beds with a separating wall in between) 520.-   
  • Garden room (single bed room, connected to the meditation room and curtyard) 590.-
  • Family room (double bed room with a lot of space, possible for a couple) 620.- (for one person on her own)
  • Family room used by 2 persons 520.- per person
  • Maisonette (separate and very private apartment, very good for two people) 670.- (for one person on her own)
  • Maisonette used by two people, 550.- per person
  • Shanti Room (single bedroom connected to the dormitory) 590.-
  • Bell tent ( bell tent with privacy in our garden) 590.-
  • Tents (personal tent / our tent) 445,- / 465,-

Toxification and Detoxification

We are all exposed to toxins every day in the air and the food we eat – it is everywhere. Also modern living is often fast paced, stressed and over busy. This can lead to a toxic mind through the fostering of negative thoughts and feelings. General unhappiness and dissatisfaction with life will follow.

Detoxification is the removal, or cleansing, of these toxins, which accumulate throughout the body. Such toxins include foreign proteins, heavy metals and chemicals from artificial sources such as tooth fillings (mercury),soaps, shampoos and toothpastes and materials used in our houses.

The food we eat, our sedentary lifestyles, pollution and poor elimination, eventually leads to clogged and unhealthy intestines. As a result of this there is significant reduction in their function and ability to process food and nutrients, also leading to reduced vitality overall. The father of modern medicine Hypocrates stated that “ colon toxicity is the common dominator of all disease

Cleansing the intestines is of paramount importance as they are, along with the liver and kidneys, the most important organs of absorption and elimination. The intestines are responsible for the correct nutrition, therefore function, of the entire body. This means all the organs, glands, cells, heart and mind. To leave them out of the equation when embarking on a new or continuing health journey may feel like the easy option but this is not so as they are relatively easy to clean and will lead to restored vitality and function.

All adults, especially those who live in cities that have higher air pollution levels, would benefit from detoxing.

Nutrients and the blood

Due to modern intensive farming practices which rely on chemical fertilisers and additives much of what we eat does not contain enough nutrients. Juice fasting on locally grown and organic fruits and vegetables provides a high dose of nutrients and minerals which further support the body to restore peak function.

Processed and packaged foods are also poorly digested and metabolised by the body, leading to acidification of the blood. This acidification makes our bodies less able to cope with illness or stress. The consumption of certain juices and foods, which are alkali once digested, acts to safeguard the blood and bring it back to its optimum range, creating a healthy environment for the body to thrive.

Rejuvenation and healing

Rejuvenation through some form of fasting such as juicing has been used for centuries for healing. The cellular transformation allows the body’s own natural healing to occur. Common complaints such as headaches and digestive problems are simply and quickly alleviated while supporting the body to heal more serious illnesses. The profound effects on the whole body make you feel and even look younger and more energised.

Can instantly help: headaches, digestive disorders, allergies, weight problems, depression, anxiety, lack of enthusiasm in life, ongoing fatigue, looking older, skin problems and pain.

The health of the body is also determined by the state of the mind, it is therefore very important to give the mind some ‘time-off. This is supported through meditation and relaxation. Through meditation a whole new perspective on life can be gleaned. Taking the time and space to reflect on your life as well as taking positive steps towards good health can very quickly reap significant rewards in all areas.

Exercise and cleansing

Part of the detoxification process includes cleansing the organs which work hard during the detox; the liver and the kidney. It is important to support these vital organs with cleansing activities to make it as easy as possible for them to restore the healthy balance. Practices such as enemas, salt baths and lymphatic massage can speed up the process of cleansing and reduce detoxification symptoms which can be experienced by some people.

Gentle exercise such as walking and Yoga is very supportive to whole body cleansing and catalyses the physical and mental detoxification. The cleansing process can be sped up by yoga practise designed specifically to exercise and stimulate the inner organs and intestines.

Avidanja Detoxing and Rejuvenating group retreats

Avidanja provides a holistic detoxing and rejuvenating programme which cleanses both mind and body and restores the function of the intestines. The bespoke retreat centre provides an energising yet relaxing environment designed to support retreats in a homely setting with real ambience.

During your time here you can partake in a complete programme of optional activities including: meditation; lymphatic massage and cleansing baths along with time to simply relax and just ‘be’.

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Also included in the program is the opportunity to learn about food and optimum nutrition from the course facilitator, who has over 30 years experience in natural nutrition and health. This simple yet highly effective programme is specifically designed to allow you to continue your cleansing journey, helping you to introduce a flexible healthy diet suitable to your lifestyle and needs. The process of self-healing initiated during the retreat can therefore be easily continued in your own home.

The enjoyable and relaxed approach to detoxing provides immediate health benefits and also facilitates longer term lifestyle changes to enable a fuller, healthier, happier life.

Digital detox

These days it’s almost impossible to leave the house without our mobile phones. For work or lifestyle purposes – our phone and computer have become an important part of our lives. Social media like Instagram and Facebook are amazing tools for communication and sharing, but we see more and more how people tend to spend a lot of their time there and without noticing get lost in it. These 7 days of Detox include a possibility for our participants to turn off their phones and computers and have a real vacation from it. It has a potential to restart your relationship to your mobile phone, having had distance and time without, you will find a sense of freedom from needing to check your phone. We can rebuild a new relationship to what initially would be considered a tool!

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What is included?

  • Preparation for the retreat immediately after booking
  • Accommodation and retreat facilities in a beautiful rural setting with a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere
  • 60 min lymphatic drainage massage to support the detoxification process
  • Yoga classes suitable for all ages and abilities, tailored to individual needs and requirements allowing for beginners and experts to participate together
  • Freshly prepared delicious juices made with high quality fruits using a slow juicer (ensuring minimal oxidation to the juice, keeping enzymes and minerals intact)
  • Various cleansing activities including enemas and salt baths
  • Instruction in the art of personal lymphatic massage
  • Introduction to, or development of, meditation from an experienced instructor
  • Nutritional advice and education tailored to individual requirements
  • Supportive group atmosphere and the opportunity to make new friends and meet like minded people
  • Time for personal reflection, facilitating a process of self-discovery
  • Individual support and guidance from the facilitator (in English, German or Portuguese)
  • Pick up and drop off from and to railway station Verride

Additional services

Previous retreat guests have asked us to provide personal services, such as massage and healing therapies, to further promote their restorative and relaxing journey and make the most out the time and opportunity to treat their mind and bodies with love and compassion. We have excellent therapists available who can provide the following services at an additional cost.


Massage has been practised as a healing therapy for thousands of years in many cultures. Touching the body is a natural human instinct which we do in reaction to pain and stress and to show love and support. There is significant scientific evidence to prove the benefits of massage in treating many different disease states and injuries in addition to creating feelings of both physical and mental relaxation. Massage feels wonderful, elevates stress, helps you sleep and provides a powerful way to relax and let go it also helps to free toxins from the body.

Read more about massage we offer here

1 hour massage : 40€

1h30 massage : 60€


Booking additional services

Where possible please let us know in advance if you would like one of these services so we can ensure our therapists are available. However it is possible to book once you arrive but places may be limited.


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