Dandelion is a wonderful herb to support the liver and gallbladder. It’s delicious in salads and grows generously in the garden or wild. I feel very lucky to have it in abundance in our garden.

We can harvest everything: the leaves nearly during the whole year, the roots in spring or autumn, the stalks during flowering season.

Here is how you can use them: Eat the leaves in abundance in salads, or in your smoothie. I am eating it during the flowering time the stems just like a snack or put them in our salads. They can even help with chronic liver disease when eaten fresh. Eaten during 2 weeks they help with chronic tiredness , clean gastric juices and can help to release gall stones.

The roots  (dry or fresh) make a blood cleansing infusion, support digestion, are diuretic and diaphoretic, make you alive and are a blood thinner. Here is

how to prepare the infusion: allow 1 heaped teaspoon of roots  to sit in 1⁄4l cold water during the night. Heat the next day until it boils. Then strain and drink before and after breakfast in small sips. (This is only if you are ill. If not, just enjoy however you love it) You can also roast the roots, grind them and make a coffee from the powder. It’s delicious!!!!

AND YOU CAN make AN AMAZING SYRUP: Bring 2  handful of flowers to simmer in 1 l of water, boil for a short moment and keep the flowers in the water during the night. Then strain, press all the juice from the flowers and add 1 kg brown sugar and juice from 1 lemon to the water you extracted from the flowers. Boil on a low flame and allow the liquid to evaporate until you have a thick syrup. Its VERY delicious and tastes like honey.


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