Cooking Workshop

19.02.2022 14h-18h near Montemore-O-Velho

Avidanja is happy to announce the first events of the year 2022! The first public weekend 19-20th February will be the weekend you have an opportunity to be in our community and learn how to make delicious and healthy food! We have a lot of experience cooking for events and retreats and we are generally speaking very passionate about making delicous food with beautiful decorations while having fun doing it together. We love to find creative ways how to make food taste amazing and stay gluten free and sugar free. What is also a part of Avidanja kitchen is learning how to cook food once and eat it twice! not the same thing though, but transforming, recycling food and making something – maybe even more delicious?

I will teach you how to marinate mushrooms, oignons and more easy and simpe ! We will make a super delicious pumpkin pie with homemade coconut milk without any sugar or gluten. We will cook a meal together and I will show creative ways how to transform that meal into another delicious meal, like vegetable curry from lunch made into a tasty borito for dinner. I will show how to bake a delicious gluten free bread and we will make sage butter with sage from our garden ( you will be able to take some fresh sage with you to be able to make your butter at home)

If you wanna make a weekend trip out of this, the next day we have a Yoga & Brunch Sunday! Price for staying the whole weekend including sleeping in an inspiring and creative space – 70€

If you feel a pull to be a part of this workshop, dont hesitate to ask questions and join us!

Contact Liva directly :

Although I’ve known Liva for a while now, it wasn’t until last summer that I got to know her cooking skills at a cooking workshop she facilitated.
I was surprised by the creativity and simplicity of the recipes she taught us!
In my TOP 5 are the gluten free homemade bread, the Sage butter and the coconut milk.
I was also very pleas ed with the originality in the use of leftovers, as well as the ease and speed of preparation! / Joana Rebelo

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