About us

Jutta Weiske

Founder of Avidanja

Hello, my name is Jutta, born in Germany and I have lived in Portugal since 1985 because I was in search for a cleaner and simpler life which I could offer to  my newborn son, my family and myself. From early on,  3 themes continuously were calling my attention and with the passing of time I came to realize they are all interconnected. It started with a deep fascination for the idea that we can have a big influence on our physical health by applying  laws observable in nature. Almost simultaneously I intuited that there must be more to life than what I understood with the mind and saw with the eyes. I also felt the importance to be connected to a network of people, so I lived, and still live,  in a community which is connected to a larger community in the hills of Central Portugal.

The biggest shift until now happened in 2010 when all my interests came together and made sense as a logical and natural interconnectedness. I decided to convert my residence into a venue, a place where I could share a simpler holistic lifestyle and combine all my interests. At the same time, I joined the Awakened Life Project where I learnt to re-connect with the Life Energy that animates everything. This Life Energy animates our individual bodies just as it animates nature and all else. Our bodies are part of this entire and complete system, how could they not be? I began to see our beautiful earth as an extended body, a reflection of myself, where the connection to others is a deep human necessity. We are all interconnected all the time. It made sense for me to start a little community where together we explore the truth of these discoveries and integrate them into our daily lives. My transformation and subsequent creation of a community stemmed from the teachings of my two beautiful spiritual teachers Cynthia and Peter Bampton. Their profound teachings and shared spiritual practice have enabled me to share the depths of what it means to be human and to truly experience embodiment.

It’s an honour and joy to receive guests, clients or volunteers for our ongoing Retreats and to simply share the joy of being alive.

It is a pure joy to Live and Be Alive!

Jutta’s blog : https://ervassilvestres.wordpress.com/

Liva Reidzane

Co-creator of Avidanja.

Liva is originally from Latvia, she travelled to Portugal in 2018 to visit Jutta’s project and fell in love with the beauty of not only the place and the work, but especially with the heart, the true intimacy and real relationship she found there. Whereas for the past 5 years she had been immersed in the city life, studying and working in Paris, running through life. Coming to Avidanja brought her to appreciate life and to truly listen, feel and give without expectations. She is since then the co-creator of Avidanja, supporting this project to grow and evolve while realizing her passion in woodwork, film and gardening. She offers Ayurvedic massage she learned in India. She also has joined The Awakened Life Project, a sister project of Avidanja, discovering her true potential without limitations and finding out what does it mean to be ecstatic and free.

Liva’s filmwork : https://www.youtube.com/user/livareidzane/videos