3 Day Detox Retreat

Detoxification Meditation and Yoga

When? 18.03. 18H – 21.03.2022 18H

This Retreat is limited to 4-5 places

Value of Retreat : 200.- in a private room or 170.- in a dormitory

This 3 days will give you the opportunity to start a cleansing process of your body and mind. You will also learn how to continue a cleansing process at home in case you would like too.

During these days Jutta will introduce you in the practise of meditation, Yoga and clean drinking and eating.

We will also be together in meaningful conversations and might even dance a bit . Its all about enjoying life and get in touch with a happiness which is part of everyone.

In addition you can book Livas amazing relaxing massage. Please check out here.

This Retreat will be similar to the 7 day Detox Retreat.

Bookings: jutta.weiske@hotmail.com

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